Effects of support consequences and cultural consequences on the selection of interlocking behavioral contingencies

Liany Tavares Tadaiesky, Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho


In this study the effects of support consequences (SC) and cultural consequences (CC) on the selection of interlocks (by SC) and interlocking behavioral contingencies (IBCs – by CC) was evaluated. The study comprised the analysis of four experimental groups. Groups 1 and 2 which participated in Experiment 1 and groups 3 and 4 in Experiment 2. Each group was exposed to a gambling game. Groups 1 and 2 were exposed to conditions A (support contingencies) and/or B (metacontingencies). Group 1 was exposed to four phases (B/A/A+B/B), while group 2 was exposed to a single phase (B). The interlocks or IBCs of both groups were selected and no differences in the performance of the groups were identified. Data for groups 1 and 2 show that interlocks or IBCs can be selected and maintained by support consequences or cultural consequences, that an interlock can be maintained simultaneously by support consequences and cultural consequences, and that the interlocks selected by support consequences may subsequently be maintained solely by cultural consequences contingent on the IBCs. In Experiment 2, the groups were exposed to conditions A’ and B’, which were identical to A and B, except for requiring more complex interlocks or IBCs. Group 3 was exposed to condition B’/A’, while group 4 was exposed only to condition B’. The interlocks or IBCs were not selected in either group. Results indicate no remarkable differences in the groups’ performance exposed to metacontingencies and support contingencies. Future studies should replicate the presented experimental design, but control the complexity of IBCs more precisely with the evaluating aim to check whether support consequences and cultural consequences play different roles in the selection of IBCs.

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Support Contingencies, Metacontingencies, Interlocking Behavioral Contingencies.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14349/rlp.v44i1.939

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