Effects of communication and cultural consequences on choices combinations in INPDG with four participants

Dyego Costa, Clarissa de Pontes Vieira Nogueira, Laércia Abreu Vasconcelos


In two games of INPDG, four people chose a green or red card individually. The green one always produces the best outcome for individuals if all the others chose red and the worst outcome if all chose green. All who choose red cards optimize points. In no case any group choose red in Condition A (Baseline 20 trials). Metacontingencies were added (cultural consequences on VR 2 for various combinations of choices) and manipulated across the next 2 conditions, selecting for at least 3 red cards (B condition) or at least 3 greens (C condition). Verbal behavior was allowed in one group (GV), and for the last session of the other group (GNV); the choices in these groups stabilized on all red (or all green), depending on the metacontingency in effect. Although groups without verbal behavior ended with 3 of 4 participants choosing red in accordance with the metacontingency, all 4 participants in both groups reached consensus on choosing green.

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Metacontingencies – Prisoner’s Dilemma Game – verbal behavior

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14349/rlp.v44i1.938

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